No Different Than Them




Not slaves.

We are different.

But are we?

When we talk about people who are trafficked and trapped in modern-day slavery, we immediately disconnect in our mind and in our heart because we can’t relate. We have no concept of what it’s like to be a slave… or at least, we think we don’t.

But if we’d be honest with ourselves, we’d realize we know more of what it’s like to be a slave than any of us would like to admit.

We all have been a slave, at one point in our lives. Don’t believe us? Consider this:

Every time we believed a lie about ourselves that someone or our culture told us – we were a slave.

Every time we allowed our mind to be consumed with thoughts of defeat and depression – we were a slave.

Every time we looked at someone else and wished we could be them – we were a slave.

Every time we held on to material things as a source of fulfillment – we were a slave.

Every time we used addictions to momentarily numb our pain – we were a slave.

Every time we went to another human to satisfy our needs and fill the hole in our heart – we were a slave.

Every time we tried to do something right in order to earn love and acceptance – we were a slave.

To sum it up, every time we allowed our emotions, beliefs, motives, or actions to be controlled by something or someone else – we were a slave.

We have all been a slave at some point in our lives. And some of us still are.

Only you know if you are a slave, or if you are free.

So now that we know what it means to be a slave, then what does it mean to be free? And what do we need to be free from?

These are all real questions. Hard questions. And we want to figure them out together. In upcoming blogs, we’ll talk about them and start the journey of being free from the things that keep us in bondage.

We want you to know you’re not alone, and we want to embrace our freedom together so we can reach beyond ourselves and help others who are trapped in slavery – whether physical slavery or internal slavery.

We can’t help set others free until we are free ourselves.

So here’s to a journey of discovering what it means to truly be F R E E.

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