Why We Do What We Do

So that every single man, woman, and child can be free and have the chance to live the life they were made for.

How We Do What We Do

Just1 exists to fight the injustice of slavery and human trafficking through prevention, intervention, and aftercare.


Prevention is a vital component of ending slavery. Our prevention programs teach young people, adults, and the workforce how to identify the signs of human trafficking and stop it before it happens.


Intervention is the process involved in rescuing a victim of trafficking. We assist in this process by partnering with local law enforcement, government agencies, and other NGO’s. Together, we rescue victims and place them in safe homes. 


Aftercare is essential for survivors of slavery to move past crisis to stabilization. We provide aftercare services through building safe homes where survivors are given therapy, medical care, education, and life skills training according to their specific needs. This equips them for their future outside of our care.

What We Are Doing Right Now


We are currently building our first safe house in Kenya! Click here for more info.

We are soon launching our first prevention program in Georgia, USA,

which will be taken into schools, churches, and workplaces! Click here for more info.

Help Us Achieve Our Mission

Together we can make a difference, one life at a time.