The Girl Next Door

She was like any other girl. She had a family. She lived and went to school in a small town in Georgia.

But at a young age, bad things happened to her. She was molested, taken from her mother, and placed into the state’s care. Several years later, she ran away from the group home she had been placed in, and met a seemingly nice man who offered to take her out to eat.

But he didn’t take her to a restaurant, he took her to his apartment. Then he assaulted and raped her. He treated her like she was less than nothing.

Sadly, that was just the beginning of her nightmare. She was trafficked into the sex trade in Georgia, moved from town to town, city to city, and raped over and over again. Her nightmare went from bad to worse, and even after she was rescued, she was re-trafficked. It seemed she might never be free. Thankfully, she was eventually rescued again – but she would never be the same.

Yes, this really happened.

And it didn’t happen on the other side of the world – it happened on our side of the world. In our towns. In our cities.

Slavery doesn’t just exist in third-world countries. It exists in America. And it can happen to the girl next door.

Be aware. Be a voice. Help put an end to modern-day slavery.

To read the whole story and find out how the girl was rescued click here.

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